Mum goes out to work and Dad works from home. He’s there in the day to do things but he’s pretty clumsy and forgetful and his cooking is dreadful. Sometimes the kids laugh, saying that he must be the most hopeless Dad in the world. But of course they know he isn’t really. He can be good fun and when they have problems, are sick, worried or need support in any way, he’s the best Dad in the world.

Our Dad was published by Duck Creek Press
Publishing in May 2018.  The story was written
by David Ling and I provided the illustrations. 

It has also been published by Starfish Bay Publishing for release in the UK, Canada and the US. There is a Spanish language edition published in North and South America under the tile Papá. And a Chinese language edition is due to be released into China also.  

Watch the book trailer here

And check out some reviews from Bobs Book Blog and Read NZ Te Pou Muramura 

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