Cover of I Love Tomato Sauce showing a large red splotch of sauce on the top right with a smaller child's fighter jet plane shooting tomato sauce at the words

Who loves tomato sauce? We do! Join a family that loves tomato sauce as much as you do.

I Love Tomato Sauce! was published by Duck Creek Press in May 2019. This book features some New Zealand Sign Language in the illustrations and an explanation of the signs at the rear of the book. It also features a genuine tomato sauce recipe (which I have actually made!)

Watch the trailer here….

And read the reviews from The Sapling, NZ Booklovers and The Reader blog from Booksellers NZ.

Where to buy: I Love Tomato Sauce! is available at good bookshops nationwide and you can also purchase it online. You might like to try my awesome local specialist bookshop, The Children’s Bookshop in Kilbirnie – you can even order it online from them.

Two page spread from I Love Tomato Sauce with the boy hiding behind a plate full of chips, sausages, eggs and tomato sauce next to a piece of toast with the word Yum written on it in tomato sauce
Boy at the park sitting at a picnic table holding a knife and fork with no food on the table. The boy looks surprised and is staring at a duck that is sitting next to him. In the background a black and white spotty dog is running away from its owner
The first page shows a girl having a good idea with bright orange background and coloured confetti flying everywhere. The second page shows a small boy standing next to a giant tower of tomato sauce sandwiches that is way taller than his  head

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